Damn, I miss college...


This chinese girl looks pretty damn tipsy and by the blur of this photo I think homeboy was drunk too. Getting too wasted before banging out is a mine field of problems, especially when you get whiskey dick. Last time I tried wining and dining some hottie I ended up back at the college dorms drunk as shit trying to get it up as she sucked on my limp noodle. Needless to say that night didn’t go as expected and I ended up looking through her old high school yearbooks and talking about art and stuff. I should’ve tried to redeem myself in the morning but after the beer goggles wore off I didn’t want any part of that. Although if she looked as cute as this Chinese girl I might have stuck around for round 2!

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Tuesday, 27. April 2010 um 7:03 am Uhr

hi. you re so beautiful girl, i wanna .. u. no problem money.

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