Taiwanese, Chinese, I Love ‘Em All!


Now I don’t know anything about the bad blood between China and Taiwan but frankly any country that produces beautiful girls like this fine by me! She’s got the silky smooth legs going on and milky white pillow tits that you can rest your head on for days :)

Photos Courtesy of Me and My Asian, Check Them Out!

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Chinese girl in pigtails gets her ass fucked


I’ve been looking for this girl EVERYWHERE! I don’t know her name but this Chinese babe in pigtails is cute! Her puffy pussy is just aching for cock but that bubble butt of  gets all the attention. Most Chinese girls don’t have a booty but this girl is blessed with great tits and a great ass. I’d fuck em both! :D

Check out these photos and tell me if you wouldn’t!


Try Teens has a bunch of other adorable fuck puppets, check them out!

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Awesome Chinese tits!


Woah mama look at the rack on this girl! Damn I’ve never seen a pair that huge on a Chinese chick and if I ever do in real life then I MUST motorboat those bao breasts…just imagine smothering your face in those soft pillows! :D


More amateur Chinese girls nude at Me and My Asian!

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Real Amateur Self-taken gallery


I found another site that specialized in amateur photos and videos of sweet and innocent Chinese girls.  Ok I lied, there’s nothing sweet nor innocent about these girls, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing! Lavender Tabby has a sick collection of amateur Chinese girls posing for self-taken photos, hardcore sex session pics, and a load of them just being cute.  Here are a bunch of photos of this lovely Tsingtao-temptress for you’re viewing pleasure :D

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Model that tattoo for me please


Lavender Tabby just posted a new preview photo gallery of a sexy Chinese model. With any luck this girl will end up in an Edison Chen homemade porno and we will all get to see the goodies hiding beneath that sexy blue dress!

Damn, I miss college..


This chinese girl looks pretty damn tipsy and by the blur of this photo I think homeboy was drunk too. Getting too wasted before banging out is a mine field of problems, especially when you get whiskey dick. Last time I tried wining and dining some hottie I ended up back at the college dorms drunk as shit trying to get it up as she sucked on my limp noodle. Needless to say that night didn’t go as expected and I ended up looking through her old high school yearbooks and talking about art and stuff. I should’ve tried to redeem myself in the morning but after the beer goggles wore off I didn’t want any part of that. Although if she looked as cute as this Chinese girl I might have stuck around for round 2!

I love it when you act cute.


Asian girls really know how to bring the cute factor to the max in their self-taken mirror pics. I once saw this video of a girl doing a whole bunch of Asian girl poses and I’m pretty sure that the “finger in the mouth” pose was one of them! If she’s really that bored then I’m sure I can think of something else to put in her mouth sudoku is always fun. :)

Threesome says what?


Ok threesomes are old-hat by now in regards to internet porn, but when amateur peeps get together to share someone’s Chinese girlfriend, you gotta admit thats kinda hot. This one time I got really drunk off Wild Turkey whiskey and almost had a threesome w/ my friend’s girlfriend…but I passed out and woke up eight hours later, naked and spooning the empty bottle.

And that is why I’d rather watch amateur threesomes online, because even if I get drunk and pass out naked I can always revisit the photos and videos! :D

Chinese girl blast from my past


When I first started looking for porn online I was in high school and it was around the year 2000. This beautiful starlet was everywhere but I could never figure out her name. It was her bedroom eyes that captured my attention, and it was her slim Chinese body that made my “lil man” stand at attention. To this day I still don’t know who she is but I’m sure shes long gone from the biz, hopefully happy and still sporting that perfectly toned physique.

Jandi Lin please dominate me!


Jandi Lin is a sexy Chinese pornstar from Hawaii who was featured across many popular adult sites before retiring in 2008 (only one year in the biz). She got her start at Hawaii Dreamgirls and this dominatrix photoshoot was one of the first for this tattooed temptress. Since I want this to be the place to find all the hottest Chinese amateur girls and pornstars, rest assured that I’ll have much more of Jandi on this site! :D